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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Hypnotist Show

Have you ever felt as if your whole world has been turned upside down. Everything is a bit groggy. You don't remember what the **** happened the night that you went out partying? Well thats how some of the people at the bar felt last night.
  Your Getting sleepy your getting very very sleepy,  more sleepy now. You are so relaxed, so sleepy 10 times deeper is what he said.

                                                                    And when I count down from 5 your all fucked haha.
Everyone came to party so thats what the Hypnotist had them do. Blonde thought she was on laughing gas.
And when your on laughing gas your nose picks up some of the best smells ever.Have you ever showered with garnier fructis.There hair must have smelled 100 times better than that because I thought they were going to start eating eachothers hair.
But you know what. Maybe your nose is just more sensitive all together. Like your getting a wiff of something that came from a California happy cows ass. Homie got a nose full of that special sauce and didn't seem like he was enjoying it one bit.
You know what you do when you just can't get away from that nasty smell that just won't stop lingering around your nostrils.You hop in your ferrari and drive as fast as you can.
Just make sure you don't get a speeding ticket.Those policemen will get you when your going 175 in a 25 mile per hour zone. But its all good, just make up a good excuse. Homie just told the cop he was an alien and started speaking in an alien language. Works like a charm every time!!
You know that feeling you get when you get out of a speeding ticket. Its one of the best feelings in the world. It just makes you wanna dance. Hell why not do the chicken dance. Nobody is watching. Just the whole bar, haha.
Thats right just dance it off girl.
So after that Mrs Santa clause was pretty pissed off at Santa(the bouncer). Apparently she was working way to hard and he was a fucker and a lazy ass and thats just bullshit.

Little blonde had a pet "kitty" that she absolutely loved and it wasn't smelly in the slightest. Cause normally skunk kitties have the nicest odor in the world you know.
Until Mr. Hypnotist wakes you up for a bit and you realize that its a skunk that your holding. I wonder how much of that nice shampoo it would take to get that smell out of your hair.
The cute chick version of captain Jack Sparrow also Showed up for the festivities. She even beat up a few bad pirates with her amazing sword.
So after all of this crazy stuff going on it really makes you want to just light up one of the best spliffs you can find. I mean when did they start selling weed cigarettes that were so damn good. I thought people paid hypnotists to get them to stop smoking. haha

 The show ended up with some scary movies. 
        Some voodoo monkeys.

Some angry phone calls to President Obama and Paris Hilton.
Apparently retired Mrs. Santa Clause needs her Health Care and little blonde hates Paris Hilton and thinks shes a little bitch and a slut and she is a strait up cunt.
She may be a bitch whore but I think she probably has better runway skills than any of you guys that were being hypnotized.

I think The moral of the story here is we can trick our brains to do whatever we want to do.
We can be who we wanna be. Even if you feel like the times are hard and money is just outside of your reach....

You can always rely on friends, family, and your mental attitude. and no matter how tough things are out there. Just know that you can always feel like you have won the lottery. When you come to The Swallows Inn.

Just do us a favor. Make sure you keep your shoes on your feet. If you are too drunk to drive and you need to call a cab. Let me or any of the other bouncers know. Your shoe is not a phone.
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