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Friday, February 12, 2010

American Idol is in the Air!

I start off my night with a nice hot cup of hot chocolate from Starbucks. I got to work a bit early so I decided to pop over to Starbucks and warm up a bit. I finished my drink and headed to the bar.

I get to the bar and was very happy to see that one of my friends who had just finished with chemotherapy had some hair growing back on her head. My mother passed away of breast cancer when I was 13 so it always hurts to see people battling cancer. But anyways moving on, I was talking with her for a bit getting all the heaters set up outside and then the other bouncer got there.

Some of the kids that come in brought some super model looking girls with them this time. 2 Blondes that were really cute. I swear that place has been getting better and better for the eye candy. My lady friend came in to dance and I am always so excited to see her when I am working. It makes it feel like I am not even working when shes there. She has so much energy and is absolutely stunning. It was a bit of a slow night but still some great music and right before we closed there was a group of kids singing. One of them had a pretty good voice but must have been pretty drunk because he was singing aint no valley high aint no mountain low. I told him karaoke is on Wednesdays. At least then he will get the words right haha.

Not an extremely action packed night but a lot of friends came out and was good to see everyone.
I am beat. Its 3am. GOODNIGHT WORLD

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