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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wedding Crashers and William Hung in the Same Room!!

Tonight was one of those nights where you just wish you had a hidden camera. I get to the bar a bit early so I order some Tacos, which by the way are the best Tacos in the world!!

It was karaoke night so people were taking their turns singing. There was a guy singing some eagles songs that was really good and a woman that comes in quite a lot who has an amazing voice. Then this guy who is one of the most entertaining guys I have ever met comes on stage. It is like watching the movie wedding crashers all over again. He is like a mix between Jay Z and Vince Vaughn when he sings. He talks throughout the whole song and still makes it interesting to listen too. Haha really funny stuff.

Towards the end of the night here comes an Asian fellow in a full black tracksuit. lol. Ok a little weird going to a bar in a tracksuit but no worries I will let it slide. He gets up on stage and OMG its Willam Hung from american idol all over again. I was sitting there trying to look scary cause i'm the bouncer and I could not keep a straight face haha. It was hilarious. Someone give this guy a record deal.

Half way through the night these people that who had were probably on a pretty good buzz were putting quarters on there elbows and trying to throw their hand down and catch them in their hand. They were trying it over and over again and couldn't get it. I go over there and get it first try. Not hard people its called being sober. A lot easy to catch the quarter off the elbow. It was like watching 5 year olds play. But gotta admit pretty fun trying to catch a quarter off of your elbow haha.

The night ended with some girls making out in the corner looking as though they were getting pretty into it. Not sure if that was love or just a lot of alcohol. All around  it was a fun night.

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