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Monday, February 8, 2010

Introduction to a Bar Bouncer

When I was a young teenager I would always look at bouncers of bars and nightclubs and think I wonder what that job would be like. There the boss. No matter who someone is they decide whether they can have a fun night of dancing and drinking at that establishment or not. But I always wondered what they see. What they have to deal with. And the stories they might have from being in a position where all the beautiful ladies come to them for protection.

I came from a background of extreme sports and managed to find myself living and visiting some of the most beautiful places in the world. Hawaii, Lake Tahoe, Zermatt Switzerland, Whistler- British Columbia and it had seemed as though my mind had grown in age faster than my body. At the young age of 22 I had seemed to have done more and seen more than most people in there 40s.

So the last place I was living was the beautiful North Shore of Oahu. I was doing surf photography and finish carpentry for money and making a killing at $50/hour with certain projects on the construction jobs. I managed to live the life out there for almost 3 years until the economy over there just shut down.

I found myself back in California but this time it was Southern California instead of Northern California where I grew up. I thought what can I do with the limited amount of contacts I have out here in Southern California. So I went on the job hunt. I knew a guy who I had been camping with and he said they may be looking for extra bouncers at this famous little dive bar in San Juan Capistrano. Flash backs of the interest I had as a little teen came to my mind, and I jumped at the opportunity. The money might not be what I was used to but the stories and contacts I would make would be worth it.

So here are my stories of being a bouncer. The fights, the women, the music, the drunks.
Follow me and read my MEMOIRS OF A BOUNCER

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