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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Women and motorcycles

So it was karaoke night at the bar last night. Met a couple really cool people. This couple came in and I was speaking with them outside for a while about marketing and all the little ideas I have that would be funny to implement into bar restrooms. I am just itching to tell you guys my ideas but I know that if someone takes the ideas I have and runs with them they will be richy rich over there and I will be pissed. So I am going to wait till I have funds to put my brain into action. haha.

Anyway as I was saying I met this couple. Super cool couple. It was there turn to sing. The guy starts singing and had a really good voice. I was impressed. They were singing a duet. When it comes time for his lady to sing. Ouch! Somebody give me earplugs. This girl was the most tone deaf person I had ever heard step into that bar on a karaoke night. I have to give it to the guy. I don't know how he could take it because he obviously was anything but tone deaf and she sounded like a squeaky door.

So moving on later in the night one of my buddies always rides his motorcycle to the bar. I always see him with women on the back when he leaves. Guys if you are wondering how you can get a girl back home with you. I'm telling you right now. Get a motorcycle. Women love motorcycles. I don't know if its the bad boy image, the speed, the vibration on there you know what. But it gets them all hot and bothered when you get them on the back of that bike.

All in all it was a pretty slow night but at the same time very fun. Oh and I have the most beautiful girlfriend in the world now. Its now official. So I am stoked on that. If you see me with a huge smile on my face. Its probably because I am thinking of her.

Stay tuned for more to come.

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