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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tips for some of the guys that just don't get it!

Tonight was an all around awesome night. Great music. A lot of friends came out and were dancing the night away. But I have to just touch on a few things with the guys out there. I had a guy call his wife a bitch in front of me tonight. I told him don't call her a bitch. He said shes my wife. I told him even more reason to not call her a bitch and your not calling any girl a bitch in this bar. Now maybe its just me because I have 2 sisters that I am very close with but if I knew that a guy was calling my sister a bitch for no good reason I would beat the spit out of his mouth if you know what I mean. Another guy gave a girl his business card by sticking it in her shirt while grabbing the goods. Put the card in her hand asshole. It will get you a lot further. That being said guys, just respect women. It will get you where you wanna be and lets face it. If it weren't for women us guys would be lost.

The night ended with a guy coming back to get his jacket and handing one of the other bouncers a rose and saying happy valentines day bud. He wasn't gay he was just drunk. Haha

I am beat. Goodnight to all. Guys don't forget about valentines day. Treat your girl to a good night out.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like an eventful night! That's really cool that you stood up for that woman! ~Christina


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