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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Karaoke Night

So I am going to keep this post very brief because I am busy building one of my other websites but last night was karaoke night and its was an all around good night but pretty darn slow. You people need to start drinking more OK!! But one thing that did stand out is the asian guy and the girl with the oldschool hair all poofed up singing some scorpions songs. I have to say they were very entertaining. I really enjoyed listening to them and they put on quite a show haha. But I will tell you what I am really excited about is tonight! There is a hypnotist show and I am definitely bringing my camera to capture some of the funny moments. I'm sure I will have some stories to tell tonight at around 3am so stick around.
Peace out my homies haha
sorry i'm in a hyper mood I love watching people get hypnotized haha

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