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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Public Transportation and Funny older women

So I rode the bus to work last night. I always end up talking to the weirdest people. There was this guy last night(younger guy) that kept sticking his tongue out when he talked. I swear his tongue was like Gene Simmons from kiss. He was like a snake just sticking his tongue out super far after almost every sentence. I asked him what he does for work because he looked like he worked at a movie theater. He had a bow tie on and was looking pretty sharp. He said oh you know just walk around and pick up trash and stuff. I was asking what his position was not what his job description was. Anyway I thought he was a pretty funny cat. couldn't get passed the tongue thing though. A little strange if you ask me.

It was a pretty fun friday night. Started out with mostly older people but as it got later some younger kids started to show up. This group of 21 year old kids show up. Mostly Mexican but one white dude. One of them just rushed passed me strait to the bar. I grab his arm and say hey I need to see your ID before you come in here like that. I check all of his buddies IDs and they were all 21. He said he left his ID in his jacket. The way he rushed in he obviously wasn't 21. I'm only 22 I know all the tricks. So I told him sorry bud you can't come in.

Now I don't know what part of you can't come in he didn't understand but about 15 minutes later after I had told the bouncer at the back door to look out for this guy the moron tries to jump over the fence in the back which is about 6 feet tall and then has another 4 foot drop on the backside. The kid being stupid and unathletic catches his foot on the railing and eats it right on his face. The other bouncer said he thought the kid was going to break his neck. Some people have a few screws loose in there tiny little brains. Anyway he ended up helping the kid up and kicked him strait out and told him to use his head and not in the way of landing gear.

Later on there were some older ladies that stuck plastic cups over there boobs and thought it would be funny to walk around and see who noticed first haha. I hope I have that much fun when I'm older.

Anyway it was a pretty entertaining night and had some good music playing.
 Stay tuned for stories from tonight

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