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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beer Pong Tuesday

Last Night was beer pong tuesday.
With the economy being so slow the manager decided to have no bouncers on a tuesday night so I decided to go out and see what the customers perspective of beer pong tuesdays was all about.

We get there and there were a few beer pong tables out. One was all empty as if they had saved it for me and my lovely(and extremely gorgeous) friend. We set up all the cups and started playing.

It was pretty even and I had sunk about 4 balls in when this older woman came over to us. She said oh are you playing ping pong. I said uhh its a bit like that and let her throw a couple times. She sunk one in so I had to drink. BUMMER right! So my friend and I continue to play and this lady starts like jinxing the table. She would knock on the table and I could not make it in. We finally finished the game and I ended up winning. I snuck one in before the old chick voodooed me haha.

But then she decided she was going to be a physic. She was trying to get our names right and after asking all these questions and holding our hands and all this weird shit she still couldn't get anything right so I said you know what lady. It was lovely talking with you but I came to hang out with my friend here and not you. After that I went home haha. But there is always a funny story to tell at that place. The best people watching ever.

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